Roddy thank you so much it was like my own mix tape, all day!  Lisa & Jeff
Thanks for making our totally unorganised shambles into a neat day Muriel & Tua
Roddy the music was perfect...thank you. Angela & Raj
Hey Roddy, forgot to pay you. Send you deets... Emma & Joey
Dear Roddy, the aisle song was sublime, my mum cried, so job well done. James & Sarah
You made 'our special day'. Jess & Aaron
Roddy, expect a lot of calls from friends. They were all asking 'who is this guy?' Kitty & Kris
Our first dance was perfect! Neve & Sol
Great vibe Roddy! Patrick & Sam
Thanks for turning in to 'quansi DJ' and your relaxing acoustic set. Rain & Amy
Your management of the music really set the tone from the first note to the impromptu 'last song'. Tim & Sarah